Peppers from Fresno IGP. Quality Guarantee

La Huerta de Fresno. Seal of quality: Kingdom of León, Rural Quality

The peppers from Fresno belongs to the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) "Pimiento de Fresno - Benavente" and is governed by the standards and quality controls of its Regulatory Council, both in its production and in its subsequent treatment.

La Huerta de Fresno belongs to the "Reino de León" Quality Seal Rural Quality that certifies the quality of products and services and the quality of its production process. This seal of quality is encompassed by those companies and entities committed to the territory and betting on the identity of our area of ​​action in the south of León: the districts of Páramo, Órbigo and Esla

Conservas Naturales La Huerta de Fresno, C/Muelle de la Estación, s/n Fresno de la Vega - León (España) Tlf./Fax: +34  987 770 296 Móvil: +34 609 903 232  E-Mail: correo@lahuertadefresno.com